Marriage equality and domain names aren’t usually thought of in the same breath. But when this week’s postal survey results showed that the majority of the country voted in favour of same sex marriage (yay!), we saw an interesting uptick in domain name registrations come through almost immediately after the results were announced.

Traditionally, domain name registrations are a window into the trends and important moments in our society. When something major happens, you can often see the keywords reflected in new domain name registrations ­— the original Twitter #hashtag, if you will.

That didn’t change this week, either. Enterprising Sydneysiders pounced on the business opportunities to come —,,, and were all registered since the ‘yes’ result was announced.

These domain names join already existing businesses and entrepreneurs, like, who are leveraging their city and offering localised, personal services to their consumers. After all, for an event as major as a wedding, you want someone who knows the landscape.

But you don’t need to be a business offering wedding services, either. Using a local domain name like .melbourne or .sydney is a smart choice for couples, both before and after the big day:

  • Spread the word to family and friends. Instead of sending numerous emails about the venue, travel, accommodation, registry, and all the other wedding details, set up a website instead. Family and friends can check out the URL to get all the need-to-know information in one location.
  • Share photos, videos, and more. Forget the Facebook albums. After the big day, use your website to share the best photos, videos, and can’t-miss moments.
  • Give glimpses into your life. Long after the wedding is over, your site can remain useful. Use it to share big life updates without having to wait for the annual Christmas card. Buying a first home, moving to a new city, or having a baby are all milestone moments that are perfect for sharing on your website.

When it comes to current events, time is of the essence. Use our ‘Find a Domain‘ search to see if your favourite wedding-related domain name is available, and start celebrating!