Luna Park has become one of the first iconic Sydney landmarks to upgrade to the new and sought after .sydney web address.

The move comes as Luna Park celebrates its 80th anniversary as a landmark Sydney destination.

Luna Park Director Warwick Doughty plans to leverage the prized web address to promote the milestone and reinvent the Luna Park brand in the Sydney market.

“The new .sydney web address offers us a great opportunity to celebrate our 80th birthday and remind the public of Luna Park’s longstanding importance to Sydney culture and history.”

Beyond the anniversary, Mr Doughty believes the .sydney web address will help identify and brand Luna Park as a must-see tourist destination.

He explains, “This web address will allow us to differentiate ourselves from the Luna Parks in Melbourne and New York and highlight the fact that we are an iconic Sydney-based location.

It ties us to Sydney. It puts us in the tourist section, which is what we need to do.”

The new web address – – is more relevant to people in Sydney than a .com domain name, which lacks local authenticity.

Another benefit of the new web domain is in streamlining and packaging Luna Park’s complete suite of business streams.

“It’s a chance for us to grow our other businesses,” says Mr Doughty.

“People know the amusement park but we do have restaurants, we do have venues and being able to associate ourselves with this iconic .sydney domain we are going to be able to bring those business streams up so that they can become as iconic as the amusement park.”

In addition to the Luna Park web domain, the brand’s associated Big Top, Venues, The Deck, Wedding businesses will upgrade to the highly sought after .sydney web address.

“Everything is branded with the domain,” says Mr Doughty. “It brands the business stream and the actual building in Sydney. This means we can use the Sydney tag as a major marketing push.”

Mr Doughty also argues that the exclusive .sydney web address will give Luna Park a marketing advantage in the crowded tourism sector, increasing online traffic and the searchability of the Luna Park website.

“By going first with .sydney, we have a bit of an edge. We are a high-profile site and I think by promoting Luna Park’s online affiliation to Sydney, we show we are an integral part of the city. It makes us relevant and this will help us hone in on our target market with greater precision.”

He says, “This site is owned by the people of Sydney. We’re just the custodians. It’s only fitting for a Sydney-owned, Sydney landmark to have the .sydney web address.”

After all, says Mr Doughty, Luna Park has been a Sydney landmark for 80 years; it deserves an online address that’s just as iconic as the site itself.