Small business success is about building awareness of your brand and trust in your product, especially if you’re servicing a local area. With more and more customers turning to online searches as their first port of call to find small businesses, you need to be sure you have a memorable online presence.

In the competitive world of online marketing your business needs to make an impact. A recent survey of Australian small businesses showed that those making full use of the internet, with high levels of digital engagement, enjoyed a 20% increase in annual revenue. Your web address is a major part of your business’s online branding, so it pays to make it count.

Australian businesses now have the option of registering a .sydney or .melbourne domain name. That means your web address can now end in .sydney or .melbourne just like or The great news is that .sydney and .melbourne domain names have just launched, and this brings with it new opportunities to own keywords or brand names that were typically unavailable with other domain name suffixes. It also allows you to highlight your connection to your city, building trust with your local clientele.

We’ve identified five small business types that are well placed to benefit from using the new web addresses. Is your small business on our winners list?

1. Health services

People often search for doctors, dentists or physiotherapists online because they’ve just moved into an area, or because they have an urgent problem that needs attention. Either way, they are looking for a trustworthy expert who operates nearby. Patients trust a practitioner who cares about local people, and is proud to have their name associated with the city they serve.

2. Catering

People who seek catering services online are looking for local providers who know how to make a splash. Search for keywords you thought were long taken up by other domains and use your web address to tell clients exactly what you do – think or

3. Specialist retailers 

People seek out specialist retailers when they need bespoke or unique products and attentive customer service.  A .sydney or .melbourne domain shows potential customers they are contacting a genuine local business, not an impersonal online store. Whether they’re shopping for high end fashion, a special occasion gift or practical equipment for home or the office, they’ll see you as a retailer who can tend to their needs quickly and personally.

4. Tradespeople

Tradespeople can also benefit from the added emphasis on local connection offered by a local domain. Clients like to know their tradies have experience in the local area, understanding issues like council approval, heritage buildings or flood prone suburbs in their city. A targeted domain can also set you up as the go-to person for questions about your trade. A domain name like could give you local ownership of the entire industry category online.

5. Tutors

Education domain names are particularly competitive as the web is packed with online courses.  This can make it hard for individual tutors to reach the students and families who might benefit most from their services. As well as the benefits of flagging your locale, these domains also prove you are tech savvy and innovative, which can really boost your appeal to young students.


When your small business chooses a .melbourne or .sydney domain name, you increase your credibility as a local expert servicing the local community. What’s more, you have a wealth of new keywords and brand name possibilities that leave potential clients in no doubt that you’re a leader in your field. Choosing a targeted domain name can be one way to put your business at the top of people’s minds, as well as their online searches.