Sydney Fish Market, one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, will now have one of Sydney’s most iconic web addresses, after it secured a much sought after .sydney domain.

Sydney Fish Market spokesperson, Stephanie Williams says the new web address will strengthen the business’s digital presence and enhance Sydney Fish Market’s reputation as a landmark both online and off.

“Top level domain names are the next step in the digital space. We want to be at the forefront of new technology and ensure we are across new ways of searching and new ways of engaging with visitors,” she explains.

“It’s about the bigger picture. Our brand is already well known so for us this is an opportunity to look ahead and seek out new marketing advantages in the digital sphere.”

Ms Williams says the domain will provide a boon to the market’s tourism.

“The .sydney web address enables us to align ourselves more with other iconic attractions in Sydney and come under one umbrella that’s easier to navigate and search, helping promote Sydney as a destination.

By working together, we make sure visitors get the best experience possible and this adds value to Sydney’s brand.”

Securing the highly prized domain is also essential for protecting brand integrity.

Ms Williams explains, “The Sydney Fish Market brand is one of the most recognised in our industry therefore it was important for us to take ownership of the web address from the outset before anyone else could secure it”.

Sydney Fish Market has also sought to ‘own’ the seafood market by setting up the domain, ensuring their brand is associated with the industry they operate in.

Authenticity is another important factor.

“Businesses have to be operating within Sydney to secure a .sydney web address,” says Ms Williams.

“Having a .sydney domain makes it clear we’re local, and authentic. Sydney Fish Market is proud to be a Sydney icon and we want our web presence to reflect that.”

Associating Sydney Fish Market with an authentically Sydney-based web address reaffirms the site’s importance and relevance to the city’s heritage.

“We’re quite entrenched in Sydney history and in Sydney culture,” says Ms Williams.

“The .sydney web address pays homage to that. It cements the geography of the Market and makes us relevant to Sydney in an online context as well as a physical destination.”