Way back when, headshot portraits were called ‘mug shots’ often taken in a hurry when somebody dragged out the old Box Brownie camera. The result was often blurry, out of focus, yuk.

Thankfully ‘Mug Shots’ were phased out as technology entered the equation once people realised the value of professionally taken headshots to project the correct image and personality of the person being photographed.

We learnt a lot about capturing the right headshot when we quizzed Nick Turner about the modus operandi that drives his business, Headshot Photography of Sydney; www.headshotphoto.sydney

‘For starters we need to have a clear understanding of the end purpose of the headshot – what medium will the shot be used in? Company website, business documents, stationery, plus all the other possibilities. In all cases the headshots need to project a friendly, professional appearance’ ‘Would you buy a product or service from this person is the litmus test once they see your headshot ‘said Nick

While a relative new kid on the block Nick has built a growing business by providing solutions that save clients’ valuable time. For instance, Nick has invested in state-of-the-art equipment in a mobile studio that can come to your office and take the headshot on the spot. ‘Clients appreciate our mobile service as most jobs have an urgent deadline.’

On the subject of marketing his own company Nick had some very definite views. ‘My first priority was awareness in an already crowded marketplace. I needed to stand out, so after comparing offers from other domains I settled on. sydney as the domain improved, this could improve my rating on search engines and it immediately told people where I was located.’ ‘So far, along my journey I have learnt the value of planning and researching every major purchasing decision especially when it comes to SEO listings.

If you need a professional photo in Sydney look no further than one of our favourites;  www.headshotphoto.sydney