Middlebar in Sydney opened with a speciality of producing Spanish-Style gin and tonic.

The streets of Havana served as ‘Ginspiration’ for executive bartender Lee Potter Cavanagh, formerly of The Rum Diaries and The Victoria Room.

Cuba is known for its rum, rather than gin culture, but nonetheless Cavanagh found something special in the Caribbean country’s take on the British staple – special enough to design his new menu at Middlebar around it.

You could say that the drinks menu created by one of the best bartenders in Sydney is Middlebar’s unique selling point – it’s the reason people go there. It could also be because of its excellent Darlinghurst location or because of the late night snacks served by neighbours Johnny Wong’s Dumpling Bar. But, how are people finding it? How are they getting there in the first place?

How to stand out in a crowded market

Restaurants, bars and cafes are popping up in every nook and cranny around Sydney. So the challenge to separate themselves from the pack and attract new faces is a significant one.

Middlebar is not the only bar in Sydney to specialise in Gin, and, if gin isn’t your thing, then you could stack Middlebar up against even more bars in Sydney.

To stand out Middlebar found a solution in newly released .sydney domain names. That solution is www.middlebar.sydney

If you think about a website being like an online billboard for your business, then the domain is the busy road where you want your billboard to be. In other words, your domain name is the call to action that drives people to your website – so you want it to be an easy route. If you make people drive around the back streets, navigating confusing URLs, to find your billboard, the more likely they’ll get distracted and miss it all together.

“It was important to us to be localised and relevant to our audience,” says Emma Crameri, Group Marketing Coordinator of the Riversdale Group, who owns and operates Middlebar.

A .sydney domain aligns businesses with Sydney and helps web users identify the content relevant to them. The simplicity of a .sydney domain provides you with a web address that says it all in as few characters as possible.

If a Melbournian on a trip to Sydney, is looking for a bar in Sydney and they spot www.middlebar.sydney, they’ll know it’s what they’re looking for.

Then, there’s the benefits to Search engine optimization (SEO), which Crameri says she’s actually seen the sites moveup the rankings.

By using a .sydney domain name, Middlebar has become increasingly discoverable and allowed for tourists and locals alike to discover it and sample some of the best G&T’s available in Sydney.

One thing’s for sure, an attractive domain name combined with a tasty tipple will have queues forming out the door.