Savvy businesses and individuals in New South Wales and Victoria have the chance to snap up premium online real estate with the recent launch of .sydney and .melbourne domain names, as Sky News reported last week.

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, spoke with Sky News Business Channel host Peter Switzer about how business owners can register industry domain names to own their market online in both Sydney and Melbourne.

“.melbourne and .sydney domain names give small businesses the opportunity to geo-target their audience,” Mr Kinderis said.

“In .sydney’s case, if you’re a plumber in Manly, you might want to tell everybody that you’ve got plumbing supplies and services specifically for the Sydney area.

“As opposed to a domain name which merely says you’re from Australia, a .sydney web address really takes it to the next step of being very specific to where you want to target your services or products.”

Mr Switzer asked whether we’ll see a domain name registered, to which Mr Kinderis responded that he absolutely thinks this is a savvy domain name strategy for business owners.

“What we’re seeing is a lot of businesses registering market vertical domain names,” Mr Kinderis said.

“You might be a plumber in Sydney, but you can also go out and get and all things related to plumbing in order to help with your search engine optimisation and indeed make yourself more easily found on the Internet.”

Mr Kinderis said some of Sydney’s and Melbourne’s most recognisable businesses have already adopted new local domain names, including BridgeClimb Sydney, Bank of Melbourne, Luna Park Sydney and Melbourne Festival.

Sky News previously reported on .melbourne domain names when they launched in November 2014.