Most people have heard the old advertising adage that “sex sells”. Well it appears that domain names are no exception to this rule.

Sydney and Melbourne now have their very own corner of the Internet with the recent introduction of .sydney and .melbourne web addresses (think and Last week, we saw a spike in registrations of sex-related domain names in Sydney and Melbourne.

Overall, adult industry domain names accounted for just over 5% of last week’s registrations, making them more popular than food and hospitality (3.7%), beauty and cosmetics (2.9%) and medical services (2.6%).

The sex industry: driving online innovation?

The fact the Australian adult industry is pimping .melbourne and .sydney domain names is no surprise. The adult industry has long been a barometer for successful innovations online – with some attributing the industry with driving uptake of technologies such as streaming video, e-commerce and even digital cameras.

The high number and consistent registrations of sex-based domain names in .melbourne and .sydney are a demonstration that the industry sees significant value in new geographic Top Level Domains.

Faking it or making it: what to do with a sex-based domain name

Investors looking at sex-related domain names are following a well-established trend. This year sold for just under $8.9 million, attracted $3 million in 2014 and the rights to own and operate the whole .sex Top-Level Domain cost its Registry between $2 million and $3 million.

On the other hand, businesses and entrepreneurs in the adult industry are constantly looking at expanding their domain name portfolio to support their digital assets. We’ve already seen this in .melbourne and .sydney. For instance, Melbourne-based erotic dance hire company A-Grade Entertainment registered to better promote their services to their Melbourne customers.

Take for example. In 2010, this domain name changed hands for an incredible $13 million, the highest in history. While this might appear to be an investment play, the domain name is in fact being used to host one of the adult industry’s most successful websites – partly because the business secured one of the most valuable generic keyword domains in the industry. Registering premium and keyword domains and using these as the primary website for a business can be an invaluable strategy for positioning it as a leader in the industry.

It’s clear from registration numbers and existing trends online that there is money to be made in sex-based domain names. From investing in key search terms in the hopes of a big payoff, to snapping up a domain name and using it to promote sex services online, sex-based domains deliver happy endings for their owners.

Register your .sydney domain name and join the ranks of Internet innovators who have jumped on board already.