Sydney’s foodie culture is a defining feature of the city’s personality. Influenced by immigration and a multicultural population, Sydney is now in turn influencing the world – playing host to some of the country’s most iconic restaurants and chefs across a huge variety of cuisines.

For many restaurants, location is key. A restaurant’s address can be as much a part of its identity as the food it serves and the chefs it employs – so for Sydney’s culinary experiences, aligning yourself with the city of Sydney can be a smart marketing ploy.

But what about a restaurant’s online address? An ever increasing number of discerning diners are now taking to the web to connect with their favourite restaurants.

So how can savvy restaurants best position themselves online?

Local domains

.sydney domain names are only available to NSW residents and businesses that service the State, so when you see a .sydney web address you can be sure that this is verified, local business.

Beyond this, tying your culinary offering to the city of Sydney cements your place in the city’s foodie community – a group of good taste that includes the likes of Tetsuya Wakuda, Matt Moran, Peter Gilmore and Martin Benns.

In Melbourne, the renowned Tramcar Restaurant was among the first to adopt the new .melbourne domain name when it launched late last year. The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is a beloved part of the city of Melbourne and a domain name that identifies them with the city has been a perfect fit.

An added bonus of .sydney domain names is that because they are still quite new, availability is high. Not only could you register your restaurant name, but you could claim a whole category by registering the likes of , or even !

In an age when customers increasingly look online when searching for a new place to visit, standing out among the web clutter can be challenging. For Sydney’s restaurants, a .sydney domain name is the perfect way to create a web presence that is as recognisable and iconic as the city in which you are located.

Image credit: Starter: salmon by, Licensed under CC BY 2.0