.sydney domain names launched recently as a new, Sydney-centric alternative to the likes of .com and .net. Now any resident of New South Wales or business servicing the State can register a domain name that ends in simply .sydney (ie www.yourwebsite.sydney).

One of the major benefits of a new domain namespace such as .sydney is that short, keyword-based domains that were snapped up long ago under .com or .net are now available again under .sydney. These ‘premium’ domains include the likes of www.jobs.sydney  or www.map.sydney and are prime online real estate.

These premium domain names allow you to own your industry vertical online and be recognised as the most authoritative business in your city.

For property and real estate businesses, available premium names include www.mortgage.sydney and www.home.sydney .

Working in the tourism industry? You could get your hands on www.hotel.sydney .

Arts organisations can grab a bargain with www.gallery.sydney or www.dance.sydney .

Those providing financial services or advice can find a new home online at www.loans.sydney, www.insurance.sydney, www.credit.sydney or even www.finance.sydney.

While premium domain names often attract a higher retail price than more lengthy or uncommon domains, when compared to their equivalents in .com or .net the value is clear to see. For example, www.pizza.sydney retails for around a few thousand dollars, whereas www.pizza.com sold in 2008 for USD $2.6million!

.sydney premium domain names could prove an invaluable investment and give your business a competitive advantage in the Sydney market. Each of the domain names above is still up for grabs, as well as a number of others including:

  • www.blog.sydney
  • www.love.sydney
  • www.spa.sydney
  • www.flights.sydney
  • www.work.sydney
  • www.bike.sydney

To see if your premium domain name is available, go to ‘Register Domain’.