Businesses and individuals all over Sydney are adopting .sydney domain names and using them in clever, fascinating and at times, quirky ways to build their websites.

Here’s five websites we’ve spotted this month and want to shine a spotlight on.



Events and conferences are an excellent example of how .sydney’s geographical relevance can be used to create a memorable, catchy web address. Streets Ahead – a creative event for “artists, bands and designers from the realms of street art and streetwear” has used their .sydney domain to avoid the dreaded, arduous ‘’ call-to-action.




Making all of us jealous that we’re not out on the Harbour right now, has even built a logo and brand name around their new domain name. And with a backdrop like Sydney Harbour, you can’t go wrong with a highly visual website like this one!




They’re an icon of Aussie summers and beach culture, but lifesavers have to get their training somewhere. Australian Lifesaver Training has registered the great generic domain name to host information on their training courses for the folks in the red-and-yellow caps.




Highlighting the dining offerings of a Sydney property development, is a sleek website with some great images – also taking advantage of the availability in .sydney to get a short, catchy domain name to match the brand.




Cinematographer Toby Heslop has demonstrated perfectly how a small business or entrepreneur can capture an entire market with .sydney, registering the keyword ‘cameraman’ to market his services. Plus, the visuals on his website are stunning.

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