Monday 30 November, 2015: Businesses and individuals all over Sydney are adopting .sydney domain names and using them in clever, fascinating and at times, quirky ways to build their websites.

Here are five .sydney websites we’re highlighting this month.




Escape rooms are having a heyday at the moment, with many of them popping up around the country. However, there’s only one and Sydney business ParaPark has claimed it to advertise its paranormal themed room in Macquarie Park.




Digital agencies can always be relied on to great websites and is no exception. As a self-proclaimed ‘non-agency’ and digital disruptor, being among the first to fully embrace new .sydney domain names is a perfect fit. Plus, ‘digilante’ just sounds cool.




It takes a certain kind of entrepreneurial talent for an 18 year old to build a website and start advertising their talents, but that’s exactly what this Sydney-based, teenage singer/songwriter has done. We’re keen to hear how her first EP turns out.




One great technique for incorporating a .sydney domain name into your online presence is to use it for a promotion, event or new offering – and that’s exactly what photographer Matt Kemp has done. Working alongside his wider business website, the .sydney website takes you directly to his ‘MKP Learning Centre’, with information about photography classes and courses.




Sydney is serious about its food, from casual eats to fine dining, and Sails on Lavender Bay has used its .sydney domain name to tap into that foodie culture with a short, catchy domain name and a website full of mouth-watering food pics.


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