The City of Sydney has long recognised the power of the Internet in shaping its global vision for Sydney as one of the world’s leading business, cultural and tourism hubs.

It was no surprise then to see the organisation leading the move to new .sydney domain names.

Kate Deacon, City of Sydney Marketing Manager, believes their new .sydney domain names will strengthen Sydney’s position on the international stage and increase the overall value of its offerings.

“We really wanted our sites and other .sydney sites to align with the global city vision that Sydney aspires to and delivers on,” she explains.

In support of this vision, the City of Sydney events page will migrate to, an address that Ms Deacon says will bring focus, immediacy and relevancy to the web property.

“Because we’re a city-based organisation, the primary benefit for us is to have the opportunity for our web presence around ‘What’s On’ to be tied directly to Sydney the place,” she says.

“‘What’s On’ is quite a generic term. Being able to market as immediately gives it focus, making it as easy as possible for people to understand what we’re doing online.”

“It’s easy to remember and it is a much more familiar and accessible marketing proposition.”

According to Ms Deacon, matching the site to a place-specific web domain will also improve the searchability of the website.

She explains, “One of the things that we were looking at in our strategy was the amount of traffic that was delivered to our web property by people typing in whatever it was they were interested in and then adding ‘Sydney’ to the end of it.”

“We found that when people want information to be geographically focused, that’s when the domain name really comes into its own.”

In this way, adopting the .sydney domain will help the organisation engage with a broader spectrum of the Sydney community.

“It allows us to really own the space in the context of a Sydney offering and it allows us to be the authority in that space,” Ms Deacon explains.

“We’re not saying every single thing that happens in Sydney is recorded in but we feel we have a really strong claim to being able to say, ‘this is a site where you go when you want to find out everything that’s happening in the city centre in Sydney’.”

As an added benefit, the domain upgrade comes as City of Sydney prepares to relaunch a new-look website.

“To be able to market our new website as is actually really special for us,” she explains. “It’s not just ‘same old, same old’. It’s an amazing new offering we have.”

Beyond the marketing advantages, the .sydney domain reinforces the City of Sydney’s commitment to promoting local events and bringing the community together.

“We’re not just concerned with our own events or our own activations, we want to support everything that’s going on in Sydney that brings the city to life,” says Ms Deacon.

“The website is available to anyone who would like to use it as a marketing channel. By giving it the domain name, we want to promote that sense of collective ownership.”

“As a local government authority, we want to say, ‘this city really belongs to all of us’.”