Sydney boasts a combination of natural beauty and city living like no other in the world. With a stunning harbour and a pulsating social scene, it is a city that creates a lifestyle to die for and is undeniably Australia’s most iconic city.

It is also a city of international significance. It provides a major financial hub for South East Asia and for all who live-in or visit the city, it provides world-class beaches, great shopping, museums, art galleries and restaurants featuring diverse cuisines.

If you follow .sydney on social media, you have probably noticed that we’ve been using the hashtag #BestDotCity in our posts lately. This is part of a global social media campaign between cities around the world that have launched their own Top-Level Domains (TLDs), allowing locals to register geographically-targeted domain names.

These domain names are enabling their respective cities’ residents and businesses to integrate their physical address into their online address.

Sydney has joined the cities of London, New York City, Melbourne, Las Vegas, Berlin, and Hamburg in telling social media followers about what makes our cities so great, with the hashtag #BestDotCity.

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