You’ve focused on building out your email list, remaining consistent in emailing your subscribers and then—lockdown. With your business not operating as normal, or maybe not at all, you may be at a loss as to what to share with your subscribers at this time. But this is actually a wonderful time to keep fostering the relationship you’ve built with your subscribers and use it as an opportunity to enhance your brand. Read on for ideas of what you can do during these times.

Get experimental. You might have a bit more time on your hands than usual right now. If that’s the case, it’s time to get creative and play around with different types of content. Have you been meaning to try your hands at short videos? Now’s a great time. Thinking about expanding to TikTok? Give it a whirl.

This could even look like creating content that’s not necessarily more difficult to do, but just more vulnerable, like how you got started in the industry or how lockdown is affecting your business. Whatever it is that’s been in the back of your mind as something to try, now’s a great opportunity.

Give new views to old content. You may have some fantastic existing content that’s older and perhaps hasn’t been viewed by as many people as you’d like. Make sure it’s still relevant and then use your email list to drive traffic to it. You might want to refresh it with any information that’s new since its original publication or, depending on the type of article, provide an update.

Share content by others that’s relevant to your community. Depending on the industry, you might want to share information from other sources that your audience would find interesting. For example, if you offer beauty services, you may want to share a fun video by an influencer. If you have a restaurant, include an interview that’s been published about one of your chefs or another local chef you admire. Use this an inspiration for what you can create, too. After all, if they can do it, so can you.

Offer discounts or deals if feasible. If you’re an online-based business, you might be operating as you normally do—but that doesn’t mean your customers are. With the financial repercussions that lockdown may be having on clients, now could be a good time to give subscribers some goodies for being part of your community.

Need to clear stock? Offer a subscriber-only sale. Hoping to boost word-of-mouth-referrals? Provide a code for those who refer a friend. Do you have loyal customers who always reorder? Reward them with a cheeky discount on their fifth order. Small gestures of appreciation and gratitude are always important but right now, even more so.