Each day, more .sydney domains are popping up, and we love seeing the rage of businesses, organisations, and individuals taking advantage of a local extension. Here are some of our favourites for January.

Crop Swap Sydney

We love this eco-friendly, community-minded group. You can meet your neighbours, swap your excess produce, and barter for fresh, local food. Crop Swap has regular events around the city or you can post on their active Facebook page to find those in your area. Keeping it local and doing it with a .sydney domain — what’s not to love?

World Congress of Accountants 2018

Forget a long, hard-to-remember URL for conferences and events. The World Congress of Accountants recognised that one of the draws to their annual conference would be its location — so why not highlight it right in the web address? By using a .sydney domain name for their event, not only are people continuously reminded that the event will take place in sunny Sydney, when most of the world is beginning winter, but for an organisation that already uses acronyms, it eliminates the need for “.com.au” at the end.

Art and About

Another City of Sydney website, Art and About celebrates Sydney’s creativity, imagination and, most fun of all, its art in unusual places. Check out current, past, and future projects, or apply to be part of the program yourself.