One of the most important benefits of registering a .sydney or .melbourne domain name is the ability to localise your web presence to the geographic location of your consumers.

This goes beyond just registering the domain name. It also means customising content.

With the right strategy, savvy businesses can find significant value in registering a localised domain name, to reach out to customers in each state individually.

The important distinction is to think of local domains as a complement to your existing brand, not a replacement. Local domain names create an opportunity to offer tailored, local content to people in Sydney and Melbourne and improve your customers’ experience with your brand.

A stylish example

Consider an online fashion store as an example.

Imagine having the ability to tailor content to your Melbourne customers via and your Sydney customers via Now, you’ll be able to serve audiences with options based on the current seasons – Melbourne audiences may see knits and other warmer garments, at the same time as showing Sydney customers beach wear, t-shirts and sundresses.

The ability to serve localised content based on the location of your consumers and present them with products tailored to their needs improves your users’ experience and could result in a boost in sales.

From retirement villages to businesses for sale

The .melbourne name space launched late last year and .sydney just last month, with businesses moving quickly to snap up their ideal names. Two companies that registered local domains despite having a broader reach were Australian Business for Sale and Retirement Communities Australia.

Australian Business for Sale is Australia’s longest established small business magazine, helping owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to sell their business. Despite having a national reach, Australian Business for Sale has registered to showcase Melbourne-centric content and listings just within the state of Victoria. The company has also registered which hasn’t been activated as yet.

Retirement Communities Australia (RCA) designs, builds and operates a number of community living environments for senior citizens in Victoria. Their primary website showcases company and community news, FAQs and other company information. But visit and you’ll be taken straight to listings of units for sale in RCA’s Victorian villages.

Registering a local domain name such as .sydney and .melbourne can be a valuable addition to your brand’s domain name portfolio. National brands have the opportunity to reach out to local customers with information and offers tailored just for them – boosting user experience and encouraging greater, ongoing customer loyalty.