Everyone loves to feel part of a community, whether it’s waving to a neighbour, attending council meetings or seeking out likeminded people in an online forum. The Internet puts the world at our fingertips, yet a lot of our day to day web searches are for places to go and things to do much closer to home. In many ways the ‘virtual’ world plays a major role in growing ‘real’ communities.

If you have an Australian website that attracts a local clientele, you now have the opportunity to register a .melbourne or .sydney domain to highlight your connection to your city. From major tourist attractions to cafes, cinemas and sports clubs, it’s never been easier to market your website to lovers of all things local.

Show locals you mean business

People regularly search the internet by locations, especially when it comes to things like food, entertainment, hobbies and service providers. For example, ‘Pizza in Melbourne’ or ‘dry cleaning in Sydney’ are often people’s starting points for accessing the best local businesses available to them. With a .melbourne or .sydney domain name, you can help people search the internet for your business, sporting team or service by letting them know where you’re based, at a glance.

Loud and proud

A recent study of trends in internet activity showed that despite the growth in e-commerce worldwide, many Australians are still patriotic consumers. They like to support local jobs and primary producers. They also have more confidence in the quality assurance that goes with local products and services. A targeted local domain name sends a signal that you are a trustworthy business with the high standards of service and safety Australian consumers demand.

Your domain name will help people in the local area find – and trust – your business or club, but it can also become an integral part of your marketing strategy. Get loud and proud about your connection to your community by adding your .melbourne or .sydney web address to your business cards and signage.

Own your niche

One of the difficulties with starting a new website these days is that many of the best keywords, and possibly even your business or club name are no longer available under the likes of .com and .net. This leaves a lot of personal sites, hobby groups and sports clubs with nowhere to go.

The release of these new .melbourne and .sydney domains means a lot of great names are back on the market. Not only can you make a strong link between your business and your city, you can tailor your web address to specifically showcase your niche – think www.football.melbourne or www.thaifood.sydney

Your local community and beyond

In addition to helping create a great sense of connection with your local community, a targeted domain is also appealing to anyone looking to visit your fair city. Let tourists know exactly how to find the best coffee, the most amazing views or the hottest club in town with a memorable, descriptive web address.

Show people you’re serious about creating a community by choosing a targeted local domain for your website. Help locals and visitors alike use the digital world to find the best real world experiences in your town.