The Castlereagh Hotel is an elegantly restored, heritage-listed boutique hotel located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Built in 1927, it was the tallest building in Sydney at the time, standing at 12 floors high. Its unique period features include the magnificent Grand Dining Room, now one of the last of its kind in Sydney.The traditions of the past century are significant, but the fully modernised hotel has kept up-to-date with the times.

The hotel’s convenient central location is still its major selling point, as it’s just minutes away from major Sydney attractions such as the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and the Sydney Tower. It’s the perfect location for those looking for quality, affordable hotel accommodation in the heart of the Harbour City.

And the hotel’s web address is the best approach for the business’s marketing, making it clear why the Castlereagh is the right choice for Sydney visitors.

Keeping it simple

The hotel’s main web address,, does not lend itself to punchy offline marketing. So Castlereagh’s marketing team use the domain name in their collateral and redirect traffic to their main site.

It’s everything a great domain name should be: short, clear and memorable, easy to type, and based on keywords that describe the business and the services it offers. Best of all, it lets people know at a glance exactly where the hotel is located.

Local and international appeal

Geographic web addresses have taken marketing-friendly web addresses to a whole new level. Berlin was the first city to launch its own web address in March 2014 and was soon followed by others world-class cities like London and New York in a trend gathering pace worldwide.

Early adopters love that it’s easy to set their business apart from others in the industry with a geographic domain name. Conversions tend to be higher as well, as people are quickly and easily able to find what they’re looking for in online searches.

Now that .sydney and .melbourne addresses are available to the public, small businesses such as the Castlereagh are finding them a powerful and reasonably priced way to target their local audience in their marketing, while leveraging the international appeal of Australia’s two major cities online.