Savvy business operators know the power of tapping into local consumer patriotism as a strategy for success.

Consumers invest in local businesses because they have pride in their communities and greater trust in local operators.

Now clever companies have the chance to bring a sense of localness online and take things one step further with a .sydney or .melbourne domain name.

So why take advantage of this opportunity? Here are ten reasons why you should get a localised domain name.

1. Local association

By having a .sydney or .melbourne domain name you automatically associate yourself and your business with your geographical location. Your domain name lets people know that you are local and makes it easier to connect with them.

2. Part of the community

People want to support their local community and having a .sydney or .melbourne domain lets people know that you do too. When online customers know that you have a local presence they know they have the option to visit you online or offline.

3. Easy to find

A .sydney or .melbourne domain makes it easier for you to reach your target audience which helps you generate more business. Addresses that have hyphens, tricky suffixes or are simply too long and unwieldy make it difficult for customers to remember and locate you. For example, is much harder to recall than

4. Be original

Stand out from the crowd. In a sea of similar web addresses, yours will be unique.

5. Get what you want

It’s now hard to get the name you want simply because there are so many domain names that are already taken. With these new .sydney and .melbourne addresses you now have a much wider range of options available to you.

6. Corner the market

Represent your entire industry by choosing a generic domain name, such as or This opportunity to own your industry online is not only rare but also smart business practice.

7. Make it memorable

A simple and relevant domain name leads to increased brand recognition and recall. If people remember you, they are more likely to bring their business to you.

8. Confer legitimacy

Research has shown that Internet users place greater trust in country code domain suffixes because of their association with the countries they represent. A local domain name makes your business more legitimate and official to potential customers and clients. It also makes online directories and webmasters more likely to link to your site.

9. Avoid confusion

Businesses with similar names or the same business type in different towns, cities or countries can suffer from fewer hits as a result. A localised domain name helps to avoid any confusion.

10. Show that you’re savvy

Join other savvy organisations and early adopters, such as Marriner Group ( or Sydney Fish Market (, in outsmarting your competitors by taking the opportunity to own a category or industry domain name.

Visit or to take advantage of this great business opportunity.