Life in Australia’s most iconic city means there’s always something new to discover or a different way of experiencing Sydney, whether you’re a long-term resident, a fresh arrival, or just visiting. With spring weather well and truly here, now is the perfect time to get out there and explore.

This month, some of our favourite .sydney websites are showing how easy it is to get an alternative perspective and try something new right in your backyard. They’re using a .sydney domain name to align themselves with all that Sydney brings to mind — sunny skies, unmatched natural beauty, and a lifestyle that embraces all the city has to offer. Experience Sydney in a different way with these Showcase picks. This go-to lifestyle site features restaurant and bar recommendations, downloadable itineraries for urban adventures, must-do activities, and more — everything locals and visitors need to take advantage of Sydney’s “endless summer” attitude. The ability to search by area makes it a breeze to use, too. There’s nothing like seeing the city’s gorgeous views from the ocean, and Boatcharters makes it easy to do. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or just want to feel the sea breeze in your hair, hiring your own boat is an experience that’s hard to beat. Imagine scaling the summit of the 134-metre Sydney Harbour Bridge for a picture-perfect view of the city and its suburbs. That’s exactly what the folks at BridgeClimb Sydney want to help you do. They offer five different types of climbs, thorough health and safety prep before the climb, and the unbelievable feeling of making it to the top! No wonder they’re one of the most highly rated activities in Sydney for out-of-towners and residents alike.

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