There are over one billion websites across the world. Name availability is scarce and URLs are becoming longer and more complex.

Many businesses are forfeiting important name and brand recognition in order to get a .com or domain name. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if your business is located in Sydney. We are going to explore the benefits of a .sydney domain name and explain how it can boost your business.

Increase your website traffic

A .sydney domain aligns your business and website to one of the world’s most iconic cities while also letting your audience know where you’re based in the process. And, with SEO-friendly keywords (such as Sydney) built into the core of your website, you’ll draw in plenty of high-quality traffic from web-browsers who are looking for businesses just like yours in the Sydney area. Not to mention .sydney can also help in boosting your website’s search engine ranking.

Greater availability

Because a .sydney domain is less common, you’re more likely to get your first-choice of web address. You don’t have to compromise your brand name for the sake of acquiring a .com or URL.

Boost your local brand

If you’re a local business based in Sydney, a .sydney domain is perfect for attracting locals to your website. Think: restaurants/cafes/gyms/hairdressers/retail stores and everything in between – if you’re only located in Sydney, then it just makes good business sense to have a .sydney domain. When you attach your business to the ‘Sydney’ brand, it gives you a stronger connection to the 4.76 million people across the city and an ability to better connect with the local audience.

Be memorable

Website domains generally serve a practical purpose, they also have branding benefits too. For example, Sydney’s dining and shopping haven Barangaroo originally launched its online presence with Sydney-based creative agency Vandal also launched with a .sydney domain. And, more than 8,000 companies use a .sydney domain, so you know you’re in good company.

Ready to launch a .sydney domain or make a switch?

If you already have a website and want to swap to a .sydney domain, instead of overhauling your entire website (who has time for that?), you can use .sydney as an easy redirect. This allows you to use a shorter, snappier and more memorable website on marketing materials or campaign landing pages while still keeping your existing site.