More .sydney domains are online every month, and we love seeing the breadth of businesses that are taking advantage of a local extension and boosting their business. Here’s who stood out this month.


This post-production company creates content for ad agencies, designers, and more, and their websites showcases just how talented they are. Though proudly Sydney-based, their work spans across the globe — check out their campaigns for internationally recognised brands like Jack Daniel’s, Qantas, Airbnb and more.

The Comedy Lounge

When your business has a fairly common name, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of search results. That’s why it’s clever of The Comedy Lounge to choose a .sydney domain name for their venue’s online home. Not only does it make the URL easy to remember, but it’s much easier for search engines to make the connection and serve up the right comedy lounge to people searching for their next laugh.


In a similar vein, as escape rooms become more popular, making sure people can find you online is a challenge for those business owners. Parapark has front-footed that problem by snagging a keyword-rich domain name. Memory recall? Tick. Straight to the point? Tick. A fun way to get escape? Double tick!