Sydney is a world city that attracts over 30 million visitors, both local and internationally, every year. And just as it deserves, the website of the City of Sydney local government authority is a trusted, high-traffic destination for information about events and activities in the beloved hotspot, providing an important service for residents and tourists alike.

However, the web address is a rather long, clunky and cumbersome focal point for impactful offline marketing. So when the city’s digital marketing team wanted to put those looking for information on walks around the Harbour City on the right path, they immediately turned to a .sydney extension.

Thanks to this approach, anyone looking for information on all things walking in Sydney—such as popular routes, useful shortcuts, event information, or contact details for local groups—can be directed to instead of

Shortcut to more web traffic

Small businesses, large organisations and brands in major cities around the world have seen geographic domain names create a huge marketing windfall. Berlin was the first city to launch its own web domain name in March 2014, and it was soon followed by others such as London and New York.

Now, many .melbourne and .sydney domain names are available in Australia for a nominal fee. They are a powerful way to directly target a local audience, and at the same time leverage the international appeal of each city online with an iconic, easy-to-remember web address. The concept has already caught on with major Sydney brands such as the BridgeClimb, Luna Park and Barangaroo.

Channelling goodwill

Digital marketing specialist for the City of Sydney Karl Herger said the local authority had really benefited from the city-specific domain, and has also engaged it for other community services as

“Up until the release of the .sydney domain, there wasn’t really any way that we could meaningfully shorten the City of Sydney domain,’’ said Herger.

“The .sydney addresses have been really effective in providing direct and immediate entry points into the site, which is really important in a crowded marketplace.

“Sydney is a global city, and there is so much to see and do here. Being able to wrap up all the positive sentiment and goodwill around Sydney into the .sydney domain is a fantastic way for us to showcase what’s happening in this great city.’’

Redirect to the point

Best of all, from the city’s point of view, all this extra marketing impact is delivered at negligible cost. The address is used as portal to the existing ‘Let’s walk, Sydney!’ website via a seamless server redirect.

All the content remains on the original site, and the .sydney domain simply adds another layer of local association and marketing advantages.