BridgeClimb Sydney’s iconic view of Sydney will be matched by an equally iconic domain, as it upgrades to the exclusive .sydney domain.

BridgeClimb Marketing Operations Manager Phillip Shumack says the move will provide the company with greater opportunities for digital expansion and engagement.

“The .sydney domain name will enhance BridgeClimb’s already strong online presence,” he explains.

“BridgeClimb’s online channel forms an important part of our overall marketing strategy. We utilise a variety of online assets to generate product awareness, engage and develop a BridgeClimb community and provide easy-to-book solutions for customers.

“By having a .sydney domain, we are broadening our company profile. The .sydney brand will provide online customers with a globally recognised and trusted domain.”

According to Mr Shumack, building trust is especially important in the local tourism sector, where visitors seek out experiences and destinations that are authentic to the local culture.

He explains that BridgeClimb’s website is the “best platform to showcase to the world the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the BridgeClimb experience”.

With a .sydney website BridgeClimb will be easily recognised as a trusted, Sydney-based operator.

“This will give us a crucial point of difference, helping us to attract visitors both interstate and overseas who want a genuine taste of Sydney,” he says.

Moving to the prestigious .sydney domain will strengthen the integrity of the BridgeClimb brand, says Mr Shumack.

“It’s important for BridgeClimb to maintain and constantly build our brand presence online,” he says.

“BridgeClimb has been privileged to operate for 16 years on this icon and our products now form an important part of tourists’ and locals’ experience of Sydney.

“The .sydney domain name allows us to celebrate this reputation and consolidate our brand – online and off – as proudly Sydney.  It highlights our legacy and further enshrines our already strong image as an iconic Sydney experience.”

For Mr Shumack, their new .sydney domain gives BridgeClimb the chance to explore a new frontier in digital technology. As one of the first companies to move to the domain, he believes BridgeClimb is in a prime position to reap the benefits of this new, uncharted landscape.

“With the .sydney domain, BridgeClimb will be recognised in a new digital arena, one that embraces innovation, authenticity and opportunity.”