There are thousands of blogs operating from Australia right now, from small hobby spaces to big businesses with significant social influence.  Needless to say, the competition is stiff for reach, traffic and engagement. So, if you have big plans for your new blog, or you’re trying to grow your blog brand, what can you do to get ‘cut-through’ in such a crowded market?

Australian bloggers now have the option to register .sydney and .melbourne domain names – and this could be a game changer. It opens up new ways to target and grow your reader community. It also means previously unavailable names under the likes of .com and .net are back on the market and available for your web address. As a blogger, your domain name is a big part of your branding. Make sure it stands out from the crowd.

A more professional blog

Many bloggers start out using third party websites like Tumblr or Blogger. Then, when they’re ready to take things up a notch, they register their own domains and tie them into their brand marketing. It’s relatively inexpensive to buy your own domain and it instantly adds credibility and professionalism to your blog.

One of the challenges to buying your preferred domain, however, is that so many niche keywords, and possibly even your blog or brand name, have been snapped up long ago by someone else. This leaves a lot of personal bloggers and hobby businesses heading back to the drawing board for new domain ideas.

Now .sydney and .melbourne domains are available – and they’re relatively new on the market. This means all those great keywords and branding ideas you thought were unavailable are right back in the mix. You can take your pick of memorable, descriptive web addresses like or that perfectly complement your blog brand.

A more targeted blog 

Another exciting possibility for bloggers is being able to specify your niche within your domain name. Are you a Melbourne blogger who writes about shoes? may just be available. You really don’t get closer to being a leader in your niche area than that.

Domain names that signify trust or expertise are a fantastic kick start to a successful blogging career – think, or This style of domain sets you up as the go-to blogger in your field, as well as letting readers know where you’re based. This is handy for anyone looking to find like-minded people in their city. It will also attract and assist visitors who want information about your hometown. Top tourist attractions, like Sydney BridgeClimb ( and Luna Park ( are already using these new domains.

A targeted web address also tells readers a bit about you, as a blogger. It shows that you’re tech savvy, an ‘early adopter’ of new ideas and across the latest developments in online marketing. That’s a real competitive advantage if you’re keen to monetise your blog.

With more and more blogs entering the online conversation, you need every advantage to help your blog stand out from the crowd and attract the levels of readership or brand engagement you’re aiming for.  Using a .sydney or .melbourne domain name is an exciting new way to grow your community, showcase your skills and own your blog niche.