Building a portfolio of domain names is a great way for businesses to capture their market online and build memorable web addresses to help customers find them easily.

Australian Lifesaver Training provides training in first aid and other emergency care skills to customers across Sydney, building on the city’s strong beach culture. The company has now taken that community online, with information on the company’s courses and training opportunities to be found at the great keyword domain name

“I love Sydney and have a growing customer base across the whole region, so it makes sense to have a name and a brand that people relate to,” said Greg King, Managing Director of Australian Lifesaver Training.

As well as the domain name, Australian Lifesaver Training registered and This portfolio of .sydney domains demonstrates the power of generic terms and keywords, as companies have the opportunity to corner an entire industry online.

“Sydney itself is an iconic brand, as are our beaches and our lifesavers. These keywords all work together and give us a lot of options to play with in our marketing,” said Mr King.

The domain names have already attracted some attention, with Mr King reporting great feedback and questions about the domain and how they managed to claim it. Australian Lifesaver Training plans to roll out the domains across a range of media in the future.

Image: Lifesaver Waving by Michael Coghlan, Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0