Each day, more .sydney domains are popping up, and we love seeing the rage of businesses, organisations, and individuals taking advantage of a local extension. Here are some of our favourites in April.

Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop

Talk about owning an industry online! By securing this .sydney web address, Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop has a simple, easy-to-understand URL to use on its marketing materials and to show its leadership in the space.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney

This girls’ school has quite a long name, and it’s actual URL is just as unwieldly: www.plc.nsw.edu.au. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? Cleverly, the school registered www.plc.sydney. It’s a web address that’s easy to remember and looks great on marketing materials, while not requiring the school to create a whole new website, since it redirects to their existing one.

Hello Manly

As a website dedicated to one of Sydney’s most iconic neighbourhoods, it makes smart of Hello Manly to align itself with the city right in its web address. There’s no mistaking where Manly Beach is here!