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City of Sydney promotes the city via a .sydney domain

The City of Sydney has long recognised the power of the Internet in shaping its global vision for Sydney as one of the world’s leading business, cultural and tourism hubs.

It is no surprise to see them move to .sydney domain names, launching the redeveloped ‘What’s On Sydney’ events website at the address www.whatson.sydney.

“Our .sydney domain names will strengthen Sydney’s position on the international stage and increase the overall value of its offerings, bringing focus, immediacy and relevancy to the web property.


“Because we’re a city-based organisation, the primary benefit for us is to have the opportunity for our web presence around What’s On to be tied directly to Sydney the place.


What’s On is quite a generic term and being able to market as www.whatson.sydney immediately gives it focus, making it as easy as possible for people to understand what we’re doing online.”


 – Kate Deacon, City of Sydney Marketing Manager

Beyond the marketing advantages, the .sydney domain reinforces the City of Sydney’s commitment to promoting local events and bringing the community together.

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