No matter where you are in Sydney, chances are every time you take a walk you see several construction sites. Property and real estate are really enjoying a post-pandemic resurgence, and the market is booming. The only problem? If you’re a real estate agent or developer, it’s becoming harder than ever to stand out from the competition. Your online presence is one thing that can help set you apart. And there is nothing easier than using a premium domain name with a local top-level domain (TLD).

What are premium domain names?

A domain name is the web address your website is built on, it’s the part of your web address before the full stop. With each website being created, the number of available domain names has decreased, which means it’s possible that you might not get your first (or second, or third…) choice when choosing a domain name.

Instead of long, awkward names, premium names are short, snappy, sharp, and can be only one or two words long. They might be slightly more expensive than your average domain name, but the extra money is worth it thanks to the extra perks that premium names offer.

 How can premium names help my real estate business stand out?

Interactions with your real estate or property brand might be fleeting. People might be stopped at a red light and see a development or walk by a site on their way to work. Having your development or real estate on a domain name, like, is easier to remember and increases the likelihood that people will find you later. It also means there’s less chance of someone inputting your web address and getting an error because they’ve misspelled the name or remembered it incorrectly.

Premium domain names make it clear where your property or development is located. There are many suburbs with the same name located in different states so adding a location-based domain name means that when people get in contact, you can be sure that they know where you are located.

Searchability is also a key factor in people being able to find you­—and your properties—online. With a premium name that encompasses an entire category, like, or a region, such as, it’s much easier for someone to find your business when they do a Google search. As two main keywords are in the web address this can give you a higher ranking and reduce the risk that when a potential client searches for you, they don’t find you—or they end up discovering a competitor.

If you are a well-established business that already has a website presence, it isn’t too late to use a premium name. Premium domain names don’t have to be your only domain name. You can have a premium domain name, like and have it redirect to your existing site. That gives you the brandability you need when advertising while not having to create an entirely new website.

How do I get a premium domain name?

Getting a premium domain is simple. Just search for your perfect domain here  then select one of our retail partners to get you started. You’ll then be taken off-site to finish the process with your chosen Retailer.

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