On its surface, the tourism industry is all smiles, sunshine, beautiful locations and polished routines.

But if you take a peek inside some of the businesses responsible for these carefully orchestrated operations, you’ll find some of Australia’s best marketers strategically battling for a competitive advantage in what can be described as one of the fiercest marketplaces in the country.

These savvy marketers have a tool in their arsenal – a .sydney domain name.

Providing an alternative to the likes of .com or .net, the new .sydney Top-Level Domain (TLD) opens up millions of domain names which end in simply .sydney, such as www.cruises.sydney.

The new .sydney TLD has a number of benefits for marketers who register a domain name; such as greater availability of names and a chance to outsmart your competitors by innovating online.

But for the tourism industry in particular, perhaps the greatest drawcard of .sydney domain names is that it locates you directly in Sydney. A .sydney website identifies you immediately with this iconic city and puts you clearly on the digital map.

Opportunities for tourism brands in .sydney

Any business looking to attract visitors and locals alike; from food and beverage, attractions and landmarks, tours, arts and culture to nature parks and accommodation in the city of Sydney can use a .sydney domain name.

As the .sydney namespace is new, there are many more names available than there are under .com for example. This means you can get a simple, easy-to-remember domain name that will make a valuable asset on all marketing and promotional materials.

Imagine if you could have www.artmuseum.sydney rather than www.artmuseumsydney.com – this is a clear message and a catchy name that will stick in an audience’s mind.

Own your space

Premium domain names include key words and commonly used search terms, and there are many available in .sydney. So not only can you register your company name, such as www.harbourhotel.sydney, but you could even register www.hotel.sydney and www.accommodation.sydney! Imagine owning the one and only ‘hotel’ web address in the city and positioning your brand at the forefront of the industry.

There are opportunities to be creative in this space as well – what if your brand was the one to appear under www.bestrestaurant.sydney or www.topdaytrips.sydney ?

Avoid confusion

Is your brand name more common? Are there other businesses around Australia or the world that have the same or similar name to yours?

Registering a .sydney domain name lets visitors quickly and easily find your website among other similar brands. You might not be the only Joe’s Café in the world, so www.joescafe.com could be confusing. But if you’re the only Joe’s Café in Sydney, www.joescafe.sydney lets people know straight away that they’ve found the right website for your business.

.sydney domain names offer a brand new opportunity for the Sydney tourism industry to stand out online. If your business lives and breathes for Sydney, you can innovate online with a domain name that is as iconic as the city itself.