For an established family business that has been running for more than four decades, staying relevant in a market that has changed dramatically over the years can be a challenge.

Not so however for the International Wing Chun Academy – an established part of the Sydney community and one of the country’s authorities on Wing Chun, a style of Kung Fu.

The company seized upon the marketing opportunity to register a new .sydney domain name and leverage the power of the highly relevant term ‘Kung Fu’ in the Sydney marketplace. The Academy’s new website can now be found at

State Manager and Marketing Manager Tristan Fung explained that the new domain name perfectly describes the business and speaks to the most popular terms people use when searching for a martial arts school in Sydney.

“I saw this as a great opportunity to secure a domain name that was both highly relevant to our business as a Kung Fu school, but which was a new domain name and one which had the location built into the address itself,” he said.

With nine locations around Sydney and already over 1,000 students passing through every year, the Academy is looking to expand over the coming years. Mr Fung is confident in the benefits the new domain name will offer to wider marketing and advertising activities.

“I could see that the domain name itself had a lot of potential when it comes to advertising. If we were to run a radio or television advertisement for example, ‘’ is a great call to action that uses the ‘Kung Fu’ keyword and has the location built into the address.”

The International Wing Chun Academy is no stranger to clever domain name registrations, having secured and a number of years ago, but in registering a new domain they quickly realised that the phrase ‘Kung Fu’ had long been taken in more established namespaces.

The .sydney domain namespace opened up many more opportunities due to the greater availability.

“Registering gives me the opportunity to reach out to a broader audience, particularly those who are more familiar with the term ‘Kung Fu’ than ‘Wing Chun’.”

Wing Chun Class_cropped


The domain name also has the additional benefit of establishing the Academy as leaders of the Kung Fu community. “There are a lot of martial arts schools around the country and our other domain names are not quite specific enough,” said Mr Fung.

“We are well-known as an authority on Kung Fu in Australia, having been around for over 40 years. A domain name like helps to convey our authority as Australia’s leading Kung Fu school.”

The Academy has begun rolling out a new website on the domain name to continue bringing the practice of Kung Fu to a whole new audience of Sydneysiders.

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