Businesses and individuals all over Sydney are adopting .sydney domain names and using them in clever, fascinating and at times, quirky ways to build their websites.

Here are five .sydney websites that have caught our eye this month.



There are salons all over the world. In fact, there are even ‘Bay Street’ Salons all over the world – a quick Google search will show options in California and Canada, among others. But there’s only one Bay Street Salon in Sydney, and they’ve perfectly located themselves online and made it easier for local customers to find them by adopting a local domain name. Now they really stand out from the crowd.




Making us all yearn for a year-round summer, showcases the properties on offer in a new residential estate in Sydney’s inner west. But more than that, it has some awesome full-screen graphics that bring to mind sunny afternoons lounging in the sun.




The ability to claim an entire industry online is one of the many benefits of .sydney domain names. PartySonic has cornered the market with the great category domain name and built a simple, easily navigated website to showcase their music and attract bookings.




Aiming to build a collaborative community to drive innovation in Sydney, startup hub Piivot has used a .sydney domain name to locate itself right in the heart of Sydney. Affiliated with UTS in Ultimo, Piivot’s partners include the City of Sydney and NSW Business Chamber, making .sydney a perfect fit.



Isn’t ‘moments’ a great keyword for a photographer? This clever Sydney photographer uses the tagline “Never miss a moment” and has registered a domain name to match. Check out some of their great wedding shots that really capture special ‘moments’.


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